Heath Casey

Software Developer

Houston-based Java Specialist who is driven by three key principles: ingenuity, work ethic, and strategic problem solving.

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Front End/UI

Well versed in a multitude of front end frameworks but not afraid to get hands dirty and build components from scratch using core technologies.

Server Side

Completed hundreds of projects using a variety of server side technologies utilizing on-premise application servers as well as shared, vps and cloud hosting providers.


Experience with all aspects of Database administration from designing ER Model Diagrams to performance tuning systems built on multiple vendor platforms.


Over six years of experience managing the issue tracking software, code repositories, build tools and application deployment tools for coding teams.


Heath Casey is a full-stack Software Developer and Java Expert whose proven technological acumen, ingenuity, and results-driven approach have all earned him the reputation as a seasoned industry leader. Over the course of nearly two decades, he has garnered extensive technology and software engineering experience.

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Multi-Stack Developer

Heath is particularly well-versed in designing and building web applications utilizing cutting-edge modalities like Java, PHP, Nodejs, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), as well as database administration for both Oracle and MySQL databases.

Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio
Apache Maven
Apache Web Sever